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All India Naturopathy and Yoga Education Council

It may be defined as an art, a science, a philosophy and the practice of following definite physical, chemical, bio-logical, mental and spiritual laws for the estoration and maintenance of health and correction of bodily disorders without the use of poisonous drugs.
Simply, naturopathy may be defined as system of medicine which treats diseases by natural means and methods. It is simple, easily available and a cheap system of medicine.
The term “Nature Cure” is broader than the term Naturopathy, nature care is not only a therapeutic science but also a way of life in tune with the internal vital life giving forces. Naturopathy is based on the natural laws of health and disease. Naturopathy is also known as the New Science of Healing, Drug less Healing, Healing from Within, Natural Methods.

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To inspect the programme of training and examination of recognised naturopathy and yoga institutions.

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This All India Naturopathy and Yoga Education Council will the naturopathy and yoga courses running through out India.